Coordinating partner

Czech Republic

Ascari is an employment agency that was established in 2008 with the main purpose to provide services for external clients. In the meantime, its activities were enlarged also into the field of offering and selling the ICT equiment, even though the main core still lies in the area of work with human resources. Having received some important contracts in Moravia-Silezian region, this organization established a branch here to be closer to its clients.

Ascari is specialized in providing employment services and interpositioning of people with lower VET background at the work places that are mostly related with the manual work. Dealing with the employees every day and processing their “paper agenda”, it was searched that a lot of people from this target group are subjects of loans provided by the moneylenders and non-bank institutions. In some cases, those people are not able to repay their commitments, which hardly influence their professional as well as personal life. During the personal interviews with people, whose situation is the worst – they were imposed by execution, it was searched that in most cases they were not aware of the conditions of the contract concluded with such institutions, neither about the possible impacts on their “family cash flow”.

Doing further research among the organizations in the Czech republic, it was found out that the situation is very similar also in other organizations, does not matter whether it is SME or big international company. The only same coincident indicator is the target group – people with lower level of education and lower incomes, who are working in the manufacturing industry, mostly at the positions related with the manual work.

In general, Czech households owned banks by 2009 nearly 1 trillion Czech crowns. In comparison with 2000, the insolvency level has increased eight times. The relative insolvency in the Czech Republic between 2000 and 2008 raised from 13% to 49,6%. The main items of the insolvency are the expenditures for food and housing. The numbers as well as the speed are alarming signals for countries to start dealing with this issue. The amount of inquiries in civic consultancies shows that the biggest amount of questions regarding loans, are in Moravia-Silesian region and that is also where the amount of loans is growing the fastest.

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