There have been three key areas of research carried out by partners as part of the Debtless Project’s activities:

The first was a Desk Research-based Study to look at the current situation regarding debt from a national perspective, providing information at a macro level. The partners looked into areas such as the statistics related to national financial matters and debt within different age groups as well as giving information on where help is available for those who slip into debt. The overall results are shown below, followed by the individual partners’ country reports.

Market research outcomes

Individual country Market Research Reports

The second was a Debt Survey based on a questionnaire which looked specifically at real  individuals and their families – asking direct questions about people’s borrowing, their debts and their general financial position in these difficult times. Click on the link below to see the PowerPoint Presentation of the findings of the survey. 

Debt Survey results

Individual country reports:

The third was the Debt Attitude Survey, initiated as a result of the findings from the second questionnaire and discussions between partners at the Klaipeda meeting in Lithuania. This survey was more interested in finding a little more about what peoples’ attitudes are to debt. The survey involved an online questionnaire which could be quickly and easily completed using Google Docs Forms:

Please click here to have a look and complete the survey!

The findings from the partner countries have been aggregated and are available here: 

Attitude Survey Results – all countries

Individual countries Attitude Reports:

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