Klaipeda County Lawyers Club


Social organization Klaipeda County Lawyers Club was officially registered in 1997. Klaipeda County Lawyers Club is a public youth organization, on a voluntary basis uniting those studying in College of Social Sciences. In its activities the club follows the Lithuanian Constitution, laws, executive regulations and the legal statute of the Klaipeda County Lawyers Club. Club’s principal activity – the provision of advice on legal matters. Club members – Law students, studying in PI College of Social Sciences. Each year, the number ranges from 11 to 30 members. All members are volunteers. Klaipeda County Lawyers club helps to develop the club and has developed a law to create the right conditions for social and cultural needs for club members and other citizens’ . Klaipeda County Lawyers club helps to develop the law, to create the right conditions for club members and other citizens’ social and cultural needs.

According the statistics Klaipeda County Lawyers Club during 2007 – 2008 period the members of the club had 51 client. During the 2009-2010 the number of clients increased to 200. In most cases, people contact the lawyers’ club with questions of inheritance, the maintenance of the bailiffs of proceedings for damages in respect of the assets of the division of property, the legal fact-finding or recognition of the claim form and content, and more. All consultations for clients are free of charge, because the main goal of the club – is to help and assist for people, who do not have money to consult with lawyers, etc.

Student participation in the Klaipeda County Lawyers Club activities helps to expand the horizons of knowledge of the law also helps to adapt the knowledge gained during lectures and in life. This project and its activities would let to broaden clubs activity, would contribute to club and it’s members personal development, etc.

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