Network for European Economic Development – (European Economic Interest Group)


NEED is a grouping of European educational companies, companies associations and training experts from Italy, Germany, Greta Britain and Hungary with strong regional and international connections. The NEED grouping, as a non-profit entity, aims to foster the sharing of knowledge and best practices all over Europe on regional development.

To support this process NEED EEIG offers as accompanying measures:

• Vocational Training and Adult Education Projects and courses

• Research projects

• International Mobility projects and internships

• Development Projects

• Cooperation in third projects

The Group was established the 17th March of 2010 in Florence – Italy. The N.E.E.D. Group is regulated by the provisions of REGULATION (EEC) 2137/85, by the Italian law and by these Articles of association.

The N.E.E.D. Group is a non-profit making and is incorporated to facilitate and develop the economic activities of its Members to enable them to achieve their aims.

All processes in N.E.E.D. Group are socially, economically and ecologically sustainable, multi-sectorial and supporting regional development, that’s why we firmly believe in this proposal.

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