Solidarity Social Cooperative

Association for the development of the individual and of the community


– encourage the individual and collective development, by creating the presumptions and the socio-sanitary, educational and psychological conditions;

– prevent inconveniences for the individual and the community, by setting up interventions aiming at satisfying the different needs related to support, cure, day care, education, assistance of the reference context;

– build some multipurpose consultation structures that fit the needs of prevention, counselling and psychotherapy, orientation and education for different age groups and users typologies;

– set up and manage centres, services and communities addressed to day care, education, rehabilitation, training, professional integration of disadvantaged minors and other social outcasts (disable, drug abusers, ex convicts and so on);

– implement additional services of family, school and social life (Counselling centres for teenagers, psycho pedagogical centres for social and school rehabilitation of minors at risk, halfway houses and leisure and cultural initiatives for different typologies of outcasts; workshops on psycho-body movement education, workshops on creativity and global communication;

– develop emotional and sexual communication;

– carry out school and post-school services such as remedial classes, assistance, information, orientation for children, teenagers, teachers and parents;

– provide consultation services related to third age and centres for old people;

– organize centres of psycho-diagnostics evaluation and school and vocational guidance;

– organize and implement research and educational programmes, also through staff integration in traineeships, meetings, publications, publishing activities, except for daily press, awareness campaigns about the promotion of health and wellness of the community.

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