Bulgarian-German Vocational Training Centre


was founded in 1995 under a common initiative of the Bulgarian and German Governments, in the framework of a programme for vocational training and encouraging the employment.

BGCPO provides vocational training for adults in the following fields: economics, IT and foreign languages. Target group of the Centre is adults who wish to improve their qualification or to acquire new one, as well as companies and institutions that use the services of BGCPO for staff training.

The main target group of BGCPO – Pazardjik is unemployed people (including those without any basic vocational education and long-term unemployed). BGCPO offers unemployed people the opportunity to improve their qualification or to acquire new one and provides them free consultations about writing CVs and cover letters and starting own business.

Important part of the activities of BGCPO – Pazardzhik are consulting services for SMEs and beginning entrepreneurs. BGCPO provides individual consultations to more than 40 SMEs annually on various topics such as: company management, project management, financing and crediting, social security, human resources and quality management.

As a training institution BGCPO has a rich experience in development of curricula and training materials; in conducting researches for identifying the training needs of the target groups and in developing training courses according to these needs and to the requirements of the labour market.

The Centre has many successful participations in national and international projects in the field of the vocational training and adult training.

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