D e p l a n n e n m a k e r s (plan performance)is not an everyday organisation advice desk and training firm. Owner Ritske Merkus is especially active with the stimulation of small-scale activity for individuals and organisations with a rather low-rated position. The aim of the project is to make the people independent from social security and put them in a positive position. By applying unexpected connections, conscious use of coincidence and steering on the human factor, creative and very workable solutions for sometimes complex problems are found.

D e p l a n n e n m a k e r s co-operate with several schools and Universities of Professional Education i.e. Stenden Univerity with a lot of experience with international education. The activities aim at optimising the effectiveness of man and organisation by which continuity plays an important role. After reporting the research results and the accompanying advice, we will not stand and watch ‘at the sharp’. We remain concerned with the practical filling-in and accompaniment of the reported advises. One of the projects in cooperation with 3 schools concerns the exploitation of a gift shop in a neighbourhood with very low income and a lot of nationalities. The aim of this project is to connect schools to entrepreneurs who own and run a shop in town. In the end there has to be a firm relation between school, neighbourhood and entrepreneurs, so all partners become more involved in getting students to work in their companies. This project was funded by money from the ONO project, which means Education Network Entrepreneurs.

D e p l a n n e n m a k e r s have been initiator of two projects in the North of Groningen (Zoutkamp) and Friesland (Moddergat) where tourism is growing. Trough rebuilding historical objects such as a fisherboat, a shrimp vessel, a lifeboat, the shrimp factory, fishermens house, a charcalofen and a rescueplace, there is a positive impuls to tourism, because there is something to see and do. The next step will be to build a museum with the old professions linked to the area and the fishermen. The task of d e p l a n n e n m a k e r s is to lead the project to a good end.

One of the main activities is the (e-) coaching of starting entrepreneurs from unemployment. In the last 4 years almost 100 people were coached into starting their own business. In these coaching projects on one hand the future entrepreneurs where 2 days in training in a small group, where coaches from the field discussed the subjects concerning the start of the company. The training was completed with contact trough mail about the writing of their plans they needed to become the necessary financial basis to start the company.

In the last 3 years d e p l a n n e n m a k e r s have been active in European Projects, EQF-spread, ENLL and Think Twice, all funded by Leonardo da Vinci project. In those projects the down to earth approach of the company has an added value and gives an insight in the situation and system of The Netherlands.

The combination of activities above specially the working with the VET-schools and the contacts trough the European Projects has brought d e p l a n n e n m a k e r s a new iniative, the start of an international mobility agency in Leeuwarden. The city of Leeuwarden is hosting almost 40000 students in different levels and has become a very attractive city for the youngsters. In mai 2012 d e p l a n n e n m a k e r s will host the first group of 15 carpenters from Berlin, they will work on the projects with the historical boats.

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