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The Debt of Love

0 Comments 07 August 2013

This episode is about a woman, let´s call her Mrs.  X, who fell into debts and financial consultants tried to help her. Mrs.  X incured debts owing to her naive behaviour – she had a gambler boyfriend, and she felt ashamed of him, so she started to pay all his debts and she took her own loans for this purpose. However, her boyfriend broke up with her and she has only debts now. She has a disability pension and two children trying to help her. Mrs. X leased a contract with the town and she lived in a beautiful house. Anyway, her children had one condition – Mrs. X should leave her home and move to flat of a lower cost. Mrs. X did what they had asked for and moved to a smaller flat. Even if she was really sad, this story has a “happy ending“ and her children will help her to repay debts.

Whatch this video in czech.

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