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A vision of the socially disadvantaged and the risk of debt for European citizens

0 Comments 02 August 2013

The following is a series of articles from the internet that in varying degrees and in various facets, offer a vision of the socially disadvantaged and the risk of debt for European citizens.

As it turns out people are increasingly exposed to this risk, they are more fragile and less protected economically and socially, often find themselves alone in the face of life events difficult to deal with and threaten areas of subsistence “basic needs”. The issue involves companies, micro reality entrepreneurs and individuals.
In particular, the first article focuses on the function of money, loss of its value “in the service of the citizen”, becoming the benefit of markets and banking azionistici typical of western cultures.

In this respect, it offers an analysis of the “culture of debt” that markets and implement policy for many years and that have led countries such as Italy, in a state of economic insecurity and social poverty that is the background a political class unable to pass laws in favor of social equality and democracy and protecting the citizen.

Following research on the risk of debt in several Italian cities which shows the increase of the phenomenon and attention on the part of citizens’ associations, institutions and local authorities.

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