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0 Comments 18 June 2013

The sixth part of the Personal finance series concerns with the saving money for children and hobbies. At first there is traditionally short test, which reminds you the information from the previous episode and then the video starts with the new theme.

Childbirth means responsibility for its future and welfare. There are various types of insurance, which protect your childs future. That includes life, family and child insurance.

Via building society account, pension security scheme, investment life insurance and unit trusts you can save sum of money, but it lasts long time and it has low liquidity.

Unit trusts enable to save more money for shorter time, you don´t need lot of money for becoming shareholder, it has high liquidity and various risks.

The video gives you the information about types of unit trusts, which of them are more risky and how long you should keep there your money.

Whatch this video in czech.

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