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So That the Debts Did Not Hurt

0 Comments 05 March 2013

The topic of this video is a hot issue – family/personal finance. Video sets a target to give you a piece of good advice for better money management and recommendation to be knowledgeable in tempting offers of banks and finance companies.

Nowadays, a loan or mortage becomes something common not only in the Czech Republic, but around the whole world. However, how to choose the right loan and do not get stuck in debts? At first, there is advertising. Creators of advertisement are often professionals and they know a lot about our psyche. In most cases, advertising is not absolutely deceptive, but they often do not inform about everything. For example, there is a possibility to change repayments, but an advertisement does not inform about the fact that this service is paid for. Next issue is a place where you sign the contract – the interior is comfortable and relaxing, so it is important to be still observant and aware of risk.

In conclusion, authors summarize information about loans and give us advice to keep ourselves informed actively and keep in mind that the loan is never for free.

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