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The Debtless Project draws to a close …

No Comments 04 October 2013

The Debtless project officially concluded at the end of July 2013, but work has continued throughout September and will carry on into the future, utilising many of the project outcomes such as the guidebooks, the website and research findings. All of the partners have worked tirelessly over the last two years to make the project a real success and to help raise people’s level of Financial Awareness in our target groups – those who have fallen in the debt trap and those who are at risk of doing so.

Each partner has brought their own unique contribution to the project and we are confident that our collaborative work has helped to raise the profile of debt, not only in the seven countries represented, but more widely across Europe.

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Slovene Consumers’ Association: housing loans and interest rates

No Comments 13 August 2013


Slovene Consumers’ Association is gathering information on the interest rates for housing loan for 80.000 EUR three times per a year. With choosing right offer the consumers can save up to 5.000 EUR. You can also see how much you would have to pay each month at the beginning. That will change when 6 month EURIBOR will be higher than at the signing the housing loan.

To find more information visit ZPS website: PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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Final Partner meeting in Birmingham

No Comments 15 July 2013

Partners came to the UK at the end of June for the final meeting of the Partnership.

The main meeting  involved partners reporting on their recent work with particular reference to the Debtless Workshops and making plans for the completion of the Final Report. The social / cultural programme included a trip to Warwick Castle by train where partners were able to gain an insight into Ye Olde England!

The Partner Meeting was the last formal ‘get together’ for all the organisations who have been involved in the Debtless Grundtvig Partnership, but strong working relationships have been built up over the last two years and we are hopeful that there will be other opportunities for us to work together in the future.

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So That the Debts Did Not Hurt

No Comments 05 March 2013

The topic of this video is a hot issue – family/personal finance. Video sets a target to give you a piece of good advice for better money management and recommendation to be knowledgeable in tempting offers of banks and finance companies.

Nowadays, a loan or mortage becomes something common not only in the Czech Republic, but around the whole world. However, how to choose the right loan and do not get stuck in debts? At first, there is advertising. Creators of advertisement are often professionals and they know a lot about our psyche. In most cases, advertising is not absolutely deceptive, but they often do not inform about everything. For example, there is a possibility to change repayments, but an advertisement does not inform about the fact that this service is paid for. Next issue is a place where you sign the contract – the interior is comfortable and relaxing, so it is important to be still observant and aware of risk.

In conclusion, authors summarize information about loans and give us advice to keep ourselves informed actively and keep in mind that the loan is never for free.

Click here to watch video in czech.

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Ljubljana Project Meeting

No Comments 04 February 2013

The fourth Partner Meeting of the Debtless Partnership was held in the Slovenian Capital of Ljubljana 17 -18 January 2012. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues relating to Project management, planning of further activities, distribution of the tasks, brainstorming on evaluation questionnaires, presentation on organization of national workshops.

These workshops are central to the success of the project as they are taking place in all the partner countries, involving large numbers of individuals in the target group. The course has been fine tuned by our partners from the Netherlands and covers the key aspects of successful Money Management to ensure that people do not fall into debt – and if they do, show how it is possible to get back on track.

The social programme’s highlight was a trip to the Postojna Caves where partners experienced a train ride and walking tour of some of the spectacular galleries and tunnels and halls of one of Slovenia’s major tourist venues.

Thanks to Alenka and Klemen for their hospitality!


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Hidden Debt – Hidden Savings

1 Comment 03 September 2012

A recent study of 2000 UK adults produced by the Co-operative Bank:  Modern Families and Households has suggested that many people in the UK are sitting on a secret mountain of debt which they are keeping hidden from their partners. About 10% of women said they hide their debts from their partner, compared with around 15% of men the report found. 62% of those  surveyed said they have debt in the form of credit cards, overdrafts and mortgages. On average men said they were £14,228 in the red, but women’s debt levels were higher at £22,418.

The report also found that 13% of those surveyed are also keeping  savings hidden from their loved ones, with £9,517 on average being hidden in secret accounts. Parents with children aged 19 and over are more likely to have saved up a stash of secret cash over the years with an average of £14,700 in accounts, compared with those with dependent children under 18 who have around £4,495.

When questioned about how they manage their financial affairs, 21% of couples said they keep them completely separate and do not have any joint accounts at all. 38% have a joint current account and 25% have joint savings accounts. Younger couples are much less likely to hold joint accounts than older couples. For example, 27% of couples aged between 25 and 34 have a joint account compared with 48% of 55 to 64-year-olds.

Read more about this report here


Informative Research

No Comments 01 February 2012

In this section we will place all materials and reports related to the research carried out in all partner countries and the summary report carried out by the lead partner in this area of our work –Deplannenmakers.


Offering tools which can help

No Comments 01 February 2012

This partnership aims to help these people by offering tools which can help them to get valuable information and be advised in issues they are dealing with.

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