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The artisan, who did his job, did not receive his money and nowadays he has a debt because of the money he did not receive – this is dismal summary of the story in this episode. This artisan has property, but it is also property of his ex-wife, so he can not sell it on his own. His debtor does not want to pay him debt in total and his creditor does not want to stop the execution. The financial adviser made the agreement, which is advantageous for all – the artisan will receive money from the debtor, not the whole sum owed, but he will receive a majority immediately and the creditor will receive all money if he stops the execution. However, there is a big problem – the creditor does not want to negotiate. Will the creditor change his mind?

Whatch this video in czech.

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Almost one fifth of all Czech families had some problems with the loan repayment

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More than half of adults consider loan to be a good solution when buying goods, services or dealing with financial liabilities. 79% of people declared personal experiences with the loan, with almost one fifth of families having problems with their repayment. This is the result of long-term survey carried buy Insurance company CARDIF PRO VITA, a. s..

And what are loans used for?

Housing reconstruction – 94% (mainly for people under 29)
Buying a car – 70%
Household appliances and electronics – 55%
Education – almost 50%
Health care – 38%
Refinancing other debts/loans – 13%
Holidays and travels – 8%

Problems with loan/debt repayment

More than 60% of respondents stated that if there was a shortfall in their income, they won’t be able to pay longer than for 3 months and one tenth, without having a regular income, won’t be able to pay even for the first month.

79% of Czech people have experiences with consumer loans and 17% of them had problems with repayment. Main reasons are:
Loss of employment – 90%
Serious illness – 87%
Sudden death – 70%
Car accident – 69%
Unexpected expenses – 65%
Divorce – over 50%

One of the solutions is payment protection insurance. But there are more things to be considered before taking a loan and some of them can be found here:
http://www.rozhlas.cz/zpravy/domaciekonomika/_zprava/stale-vice-domacnosti-ma-problemy-se-splacenim-pujcek–1058449 (only for Czech readers)

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Second partner meeting – Leeuwarden

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Partners are making their way to the capital of the Dutch province of Friesland to the second partner meeting of the Debtless project. The partners will be discussing the work carried out so far and make plans for future work.

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